• Behind the dumpster, get the cheese.
  • Go to the right, then to the right again, to the burning trash can.
  • Get the fake money from the suitcase.
  • Get the painkillers from the windowsill.
  • Go back to behind the dumpster.
  • Give the painkillers to the groaning man.

  • Take the ID.
  • Go to the right, and show the ID to the bouncer.
  • Go into the bar.
  • Put the cheese near the mouse hole.
  • While Johnny is distracted, replace the money in the tray with the fake money.
  • Click on the bartender.
  • Take your tail back!
  • Kill the bartender, why not.

  • Leave the bar, and go back to the dumpster.
  • Use your tail to get your flame horn!
  • Go back to the hobos.
  • Click the suitcase, then use your flame horn.
  • Leave, the return.

  • Go down the back way.
  • Get the screwdriver and the key.
  • Go back to the burning trash can.
  • Use the screwdriver on the box-looking thing next to the subway door.
  • Go back into the bar.
  • Use the key on the locker.
  • Use your flame horn.
  • Get your electricity horn!

  • Electrocute the bouncer on the way out.
  • Go behind the dumpster, and use your wings to kill the two men.
  • Go back to the subway entrance, and use your electricity horn.
  • Go in the subway.

  • Get your wings!
  • Pick up the note from the wall.
  • Click on the note:
The password to the casino is

Don't try to brute force yourself in,
the guard is Igor, and he has been
immune to pain after he has
suffered many tortures, you will lose.

The only way to kill him is

1. Stun him
2. Shock him
3. Burn him
4. Decapitate him

                              - Anon
  • Go upstairs, then back to the casino entrance.
  • Click on the door.
  • Enter: PROMAN
  • Go inside.
  • Click on the man at the table.

Option 1: Baal Edit

You must now kill 8 people.  By now, you've killed seven.  To kill the doorman, do these things in this order, quickly:

  • tail
  • electricity horn
  • flame horn
  • wings

Punk rock!

Option 2: Lift Edit

You might as well kill the doorman, as listed above.

  • Leave the building.
  • Click up.
  • Enter 666.
  • Click OK.
  • Click the Down button.