Note: Not all items are the same.

Check from top to bottom, left to right, in that order.

Level 1: Alone Edit

  • The bar, above the horizontal bar, behind the man.
  • The man's shirt collar.
  • The man's belt.
  • The man's shoes.
  • A lump, to the left, in front of the blanket.
  • A rat.

Level 2: Exhibit Edit

  • The eyebrows of the tallest monster.
  • An extra lump or monster between the two tallest.
  • The smallest monster's jaw.
  • Back ridges on the middle monster.
  • A tire to the left of the monsters.
  • Connecting goop on the rump of the smallest monster.

Level 3: Second Cage? Edit

  • Extra-tall bars on the closest cage.
  • Bat-like goop on the upper left-hand corner of the closest cage.
  • Goop on the upper left-hand vertical bar of the closest cage.
  • Extra-tall bars on the man's cage.
  • A spot of light on the floor.
  • A chain on the closest cage.

Level 4: Visitor's Day Edit

  • Extra grating in the hole.
  • The width of the hole.
  • Extra moss around the hole.
  • The bottom wing of the butterfly.
  • An extra small hole in the ceiling.
  • A second entrance in the doorway.

Level 5: Butterfly Edit

  • Twisted bar on the left.
  • Extra goop on the right.
  • The man's collar.
  • A pocket on the shirt.
  • The shape of the butterfly's wings.
  • His fingers.

Level 6: New Tenant Edit

  • Right arm of the right monster.
  • Extra cage to the top left.
  • Her right leg.
  • His hair.
  • His arm.
  • A tire.

Level 7: Despair Edit

  • Headband.
  • Extra goop to the right of her hair.
  • Armband.
  • Red in the braid.
  • Band on the dress's hem.
  • Shape of the pool.

Level 8: Fun Times Edit

  • Hole in the wall.
  • Headband.
  • Wisp of bangs.
  • Her eyebrow.
  • Extra hair in the back.
  • Design on the front of her dress.

Level 9: Gift Edit

  • Bat in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Moss on the hole.
  • His hair.
  • Butterfly.
  • The edge of his shirt.
  • His inner thigh.

Level 10: Colourful Edit

  • A bug.
  • Extra goop.
  • Hair covering her ear.
  • Earring.
  • Extra hair in the back.
  • The shape of the top of her sleeve.

Level 11: Getting Help Edit

  • A path in the dirt.
  • Stalactites in the hole.
  • A notch in the hole.
  • The lizard's right foreleg.
  • Some chewing in the leafy plant.
  • The lizard's left hindleg.

Level 12: Family Edit

  • Stalactites to the left.
  • An extra leg.
  • Position of the right bug's leg.
  • Extra outcropping on the top falling rock.
  • Extra outcropping on the bottom falling rock.
  • An extra monster in the entryway.

Level 13: Escape Edit

  • Position of the woman.
  • The bottom wing.
  • The front insect's antenna.
  • The front insect's hindleg.
  • The front insect's foreleg.
  • Extra goop on the cage.

Level 14: First Amendment Edit

  • Wall shape.
  • Her braid.
  • His shoulder.
  • Armband on her dress.
  • Waistband on her dress.
  • His hand.

Level 15: Freedom Edit

  • A skyscraper.
  • Shape of the trees to the left.
  • A house, to the right.
  • His insect's right-hand antenna.
  • His insect's left wing.
  • A house in the bottom left corner.