1: Classroom Edit

  • trees in the window
  • dirt on the back wall corner
  • glass of water on the left-hand table
  • ladybug towards the front
  • watch on the blond guy's wrist
  • hair colour on the girl in the back

2: Asleep Edit

  • smudge on her elbow
  • day-counting strokes on the table's edge
  • "JxD" heart on the side of the table
  • fingernail polish
  • eraser colour
  • heart on her sock
  • beetle on the chair's leg

3: Dream Begins Edit

  • little people facing her
  • armband on the dream guide's arm
  • tattoo on the guide's ankle
  • fuzzy trees to the left
  • extra strand of hair in front of the guide's face
  • extra bracelet on the guide's wrist

4: Mushroom Fairies Edit

  • leggings on the sitting fairy
  • ants on the mushroom's stalk
  • carved heart on the mushroom's stalk
  • little person on the mushroom's cap
  • eyelashes
  • glowing thing on the left-hand shoulder

5: Guide In A Tree Edit

  • balloon + birds in the sky
  • birds in the tree
  • extra bit of scarf on the guide to the left
  • five mushrooms, not four, bottom left
  • hole/knot, or not, on the tree
  • bird on the tree branch to the left

6: Facing The Sun Edit

  • girl's shirt colour
  • hat, or not, on the girl
  • detailing on the bottom of the guide's dress
  • necklace on the guide
  • chest tattoo on the guide
  • bindi on the guide

7: Come On Up Edit

  • barrette on the girl
  • stockings on the girl
  • stripe on the girl's shirt
  • necklace on the guide
  • extra strand of hair on the girl
  • bracelet on the girl

8: Flying Away Edit

  • rabbit on the moon
  • spots on the mushroom
  • spiderweb in the tree
  • star in the sky
  • antenna in the distance
  • birds in the tree

9: Flyyying Edit

  • kite
  • goose, towards the bottom
  • little person on the left/bottom flying rock
  • birds around the sun
  • striped sock
  • untied shoelace

10: Catch! Edit

  • purple floater, in the back
  • face on the yellow floater
  • face on the red floater
  • face on the orange floater
  • bracelet on the girl
  • stripes on the guide's dress

11: Landing Edit

  • guide's hair colour
  • stripy sock
  • detailing on the guide's dress hem
  • glasses on the girl
  • elbow movement lines
  • dress-top colour

12: Sitting Edit

  • headband on the girl
  • hang-gliding
  • wristband on the girl
  • band-aid on one knee
  • motion lines around the floater
  • extra floaty thing from the dress

13: Wake Up Edit

  • colour of the paper ball
  • bug behind the clock
  • wristband on the boy
  • wristbands on the girl
  • pen on the boy's desk
  • colour of the boy's shoe

14: Going Home Edit

  • detailing on the backpack
  • cat on the wall
  • star tattoo on the guide's back
  • birds around the sun
  • plane around the buildings
  • lights in the skyscraper