Fleeing the Complex is a choose an action based game by Puffballs United. The player needs to choose the correct action in order to advance through the story and end with one of the 5 endings.

Walkthrough Edit

Boost Up Edit

If the player chose to not take Ellie with them Edit

Whoope Cushion --> Power Jump --> Balloon --> Helium --> Leaf --> Dinghy.


If the player took Ellie with them Edit

Synchronized Takedown --> The Force --> Sniper Riffle/Taser --> Toss - Make a Face - Motor.

Charged Tackle Edit

Acrobatics --> Item --> Karlov (the man in the road with the sword) --> Truck --> Slam --> The player must wait for the truck to be pushed from the hill.

Wait for Transfer Edit

Laser plane

If the player calls Charles Edit

Flash --> Mini Helicopter --> Left side.


If the player calls the Toppat leader Edit

Drill Pod --> Sick Ride