Title To Get
Whack-a-Mole Hit the ball 10 times.
Slugger Hit the ball 25 times.
Big Hitter Hit the ball 50 times.
Atom Smasher Hit the ball 100 times.
Ball Punisher Hit the ball 200 times.
Hole in Won Get 5 hole in ones.
Club Pro Get 10 hole in ones.
Local Legend Get 20 hole in ones.
Enchanted Driver Get 40 hole in ones.
Hole in One God Get __ hole in ones.
Going for Gold Win a gold medal.
Pieces o' Eight Win 10 gold medals.
Gold Run Win 20 gold medals.
Gold Star Win 30 gold medals.
Alchemist Win 40 gold medals.
Plat'll Do Win a platinum medal.
Duck-Billed Win 10 platinum medals.
Plateaux Win 20 platinum medals.
Bling Bling Win 30 platinum medals.
Plat's All of 'em Win 40 platinum medals.
Just Got Started Play for 5 minutes.
Early Days Play for 10 minutes.
One More Go Play for 20 minutes.
Old Timer Play for 45 minutes.
Gravitee Addict Play for 90 minutes.
Long Way to Go Hit the ball 2,000 miles in a single stroke.
Air Miles Hit the ball 5,000 miles in a single stroke.
Frequent Flyer Hit the ball ____ miles in a single stroke.
Long Haul Hit the ball ____ miles in a single stroke.
Infinitee & Beyond Hit the ball ____ miles in a single stroke.
Single Step Hit the ball 50,000 miles in total.
Every Mile Helps Hit the ball 100,000 miles in total.
Go The Extra Mile Hit the ball 200,000 miles in total.
Long Distance Hit the ball 500,000 miles in total.
Far From Home Hit the ball ______ miles in total.
Picked Last Collect 20 pick-ups.
Pick Me Collect 50 pick-ups.
Pick Up Line Collect 100 pick-ups.
Pickled Collect 200 pick-ups.
Put That Down Collect 500 pick-ups.
Balls Are Cheap Destroy 5 balls by hitting them into a sun or out of bounds.
Waste Not Destroy 10 balls by hitting them into a sun or out of bounds.
I Hate You Balls! Destroy 20 balls by hitting them into a sun or out of bounds.
Death Star Destroy 35 balls by hitting them into a sun or out of bounds.
Destroyer of Balls Destroy 50 balls by hitting them into a sun or out of bounds.
First Few 5 levels unlocked.
Few More 10 levels unlocked.
Making Progress 20 levels unlocked.
Nearly 30 levels unlocked.
Access All Areas 40 levels unlocked.
Maggot Travel through 10 worm holes.
Silk Worm Travel through 20 worm holes.
Earth Worm Travel through 30 worm holes.
Tape Worm Travel through 50 worm holes.
Short Cut Wizard Travel through 75 worm holes.
E- Score 50,000 points in total.
D- Score 100,000 points in total.
C Score 200,000 points in total.
B Score 500,000 points in total.
A+ Score 1,000,000 points in total.
Hula Hooper Pass through 10 hoops.
Hoopla Pass through 20 hoops.
Mad 4 Hoops Pass through 40 hoops.
Hoop Crazy Pass through 65 hoops.
I Love Hoop Pass through 100 hoops.
Just a Hobby Pass through 10 gates.
Gate Enthusiast Pass through 20 gates.
Gate Collecter Pass through 40 gates.
Gate Keeper Pass through 65 gates.
Will Gates? Pass through 100 gates.
Explorer Hit 10 planets.
Boing Boing Hit 20 planets.
Traveller Hit 40 planets.
Well Travelled Hit 65 planets.
Boldly Going Hit 100 planets.
Burning Up Hit a sun.
Broken Speakers You broke the music!
Bye Go out of bounds.
Failure Fail to get a medal on a round.
Contributer Submitted a level.
Researcher Viewed the credits.
Show Off Viewed the awards.
Mercenary Viewed the rewards.
Statistician Viewed your stats.
Builder Opened the level editor.
Recognized Earn 20 achievements.
Honoured Earn 40 achievements.
Decorated Earn 60 achievements.
Achiever Earn 80 achievements.
All Done Earn __ achievements.