Hatchling Edit

You can eat plants to change your colour, but the plants have no other effect.

Adolescent Edit

There are four different outcomes.

Fire-Breathing Edit

To get this power:

  • fireplace -- bottom of the starting tower
  • candle -- second tower
  • fire potion -- third tower
  • torch -- in the well

Exit by using your power to ignite the haystack.

Healing Edit

To get this power:

  • mushrooms -- in the well
  • potion -- middle tower
  • potion -- middle tower
  • potion -- right-hand tower

Exit by using your power to heal the wizard.

Plant-Breathing Edit

To get this power:

  • plant -- second tower
  • plant -- between first/second towers
  • plant -- on top of the first tower
  • plant -- in the fountain

Exit by using your power to destroy the trees.

Nothing Edit

Just exit through the well without completing anything.

End Game Edit

Behaviours Edit

  • fertile: use plant breath on the crops
  • fiery: set things on fire
  • necromantic: kill and reanimate humans
  • rampaging: trample or eat humans
  • reclusive: don't interact with the humans
  • wild: use plant breath on everything
  • healer: heal the dead deer, but not the dead humans

Titles Edit

  • guardian: behave well; live in town
  • tyrant: behave oppressively; live in town
  • watcher: behave well; live on the cliff
  • scourge: behave oppressively; live on the cliff

Hero Endings Edit

  • kill the dragon
  • be killed by the dragon
  • befriend a good dragon
  • befriend a bad dragon
  • kill and be killed by the dragon simultaneously