Questions Edit

There are 4 groups of questions at the beginning. You begin with 4 Leadership; if you're playing on Kongregate, you also get the Kongregater talent.

Group If you answer... Then you get...
A Travelling Merchant +1 Mercantile
A Noble's Squire +1 Leadership
A Street Urchin +1 Looting
A Wandering Bard +1 Charm
A Student Of Magic +1 Wisdom
A Forest Dweller +1 Tactics
B There's nothing like a sneaky get-away. Sneaky talent
B The innocent must be protected. Protective talent
B Revenge is sweet. Vengeance talent
B I'll do it... if it suits me. Neutral Outlook talent
B I just love a good book! Well-Read talent
B Me strong, me smash and me take. Brutish
C Swordplay 1 Swordplay
C Spell Slinging 1 Magic Use
C Archery 1 Ranged
D Desire to explore new markets +1 Mercantile
D Desire for riches and treasures +1 Looting
D A lust for power and glory +1 Tactics
D The intention of helping others +1 Leadership
D To destroy the evil threat +1 Charm
D Rumours of hidden knowledge +1 Wisdom
E Physical 1 Phys skill
E Fire 1 Fire skill
E Ice 1 Ice skill
E Poison 1 Toxic skill
E Energy 1 Energy skill

Talents Edit

Left to right, top to bottom.

Name Description Effect