Map Edit

The crumbly border is the wasteland, where the aliens come from.


$ Item Sub' Of Cost Purpose
C Factory n/a 75e 15m Makes garbage trucks and engineers.
- Garbage Truck Factory 10e 2.5m Takes garbage to a landfill.
L Landfill n/a 25e 0m Garbage gets dumped here.
D Defense n/a n/a All defense items.
D:1 Flood Lights Defense 10e 0m Low-level damage.
E Demolish n/a n/a Destroys a structure.
P Power Plant n/a
B Lab

Levels Edit

Level 1 Edit


  1.  ???
  2. Survive the zombie onslaught.
  3. Build a factory.
  4. Build a garbage truck.
  5. Build a landfill.
  6. Clean up the garbage.
  7. Build 4 floodlights.
  8. Wait for dark.
  9. Survive the zombie onslaught.

Level 2 Edit

  1. Produce 150 energy.
  2. Build 2 garbage trucks.
  3. Build a lab.
  4. Generate 100 research points.

All Hotkeys Edit

  • R -- Repair a building.