Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2 is a flash game created by ExplodingRabbit. It's a sequel to Super Mario Bros. Crossover, which you can play with even more characters, and for the first time, you can simulate a certain map. Also for the first time you can choose a sprite from many sprites of a character.


  • Current (The console that title screen runs on it)
  • Nintendo (NES)
  • Super NES (SNES)
  • Game Boy
  • Mix It Up (Elements, music, etc. are mixed up)


  • Mario (4 sprites Mario + 2 sprites Demon)                                                    Super Mario Bros.
  • Luigi (6 sprites)                                                                                             Super Mario Bros. 2 (JP)
  • Link (3 sprites Link + 3 sprites Dark Link)                                                     The Legend of Zelda
  • Samus Aran (4 sprites Samus Aran + 1 sprite Dark Samus)                         Metroid
  • Simon Belmont (4 sprites Simon Belmont + 3 sprites Trevor Belmont)          Castlevania
  • Mega Man (3 sprites Mega Man + 3 sprites Proto Man + 3 sprites Rock)     Mega Man
  • Bass (3 sprites Bass + 2 sprites Dr. Wily)                                                      Mega Man 10
  • Bill Rizer (3 sprites Bill Rizer + 3 sprites Lance Bean + 1 sprite RD-008)      Contra
  • Ryu Hayabusa (3 sprites Ryu Hayabusa + 1 sprite Haggle Man)                  Ninja Gaiden
  • Sophia III (3 sprites Sophia III + 2 sprites Sophia J7)                                     Blaster Master


  • This is the first game in the series that has a scrolling title screen. (Also in its sequel)
  • Depending to the console you simulate, you just have some on the sprites. To have them fully, choose 'Mix It Up'.