Sound is: Sound mute Mute-able once in the game

Walkthrough Edit

Office Edit

  • Take the key.
  • Go through the portal.

Foyer Edit

Enter the first room.

Room 1: Childhood Edit

  • Get the metal helm, leaning against the puppet theater.
  • Open the window with the bird.
  • Get the worm from next to the can on the floor, and put it in the birdcage.
  • Pick up the crank, and put it in the can.
  • Get the hammer, and give it to the puppet.
  • Take the item the skeleton is holding.
  • Leave, and enter room 2.

Room 2: War Edit

  • Get the hanging clock from the right.
  • Get the odd-shaped item in the doorway on the left.
  • Get the document from in front of the typewriter.
  • Click the typewriter.
  • Enter the words from the paper into the machine.
  • Get the three locations.
    • These are different every time.
  • Click on the map.
  • Mouse over the numbers until you find your three locations.
  • Click on those three locations. (The order doesn't matter.)
  • Take the item next to the TV man.
  • Leave, and enter room 4.

Room 4: Void Edit

  • Get the yellow sticky note.
  • Click on the note to read it, and get the passcode.
    • It's a simple substitution code, that results in: sesame
  • Push the power button on the floor.
  • Enter the passcode.
  • Enter the command: manual
  • Pick up the manual, then click it to read it.
  • There are four scrambled words: globe, plant, shield, table
  • Enter those words into the computer, any order.
  • Get the shield.
  • Get the numbers from the other three objects. This changes every time.
  • Enter them into the safe, in this order: plant, table, globe
  • Enter the portal.

Room 4a: The Past Edit

  • Click the grandfather clock to get the pendulum.
  • Open the door next to the clock, and enter the room.

Room 4b: The Present Edit

  • Get the wrench.
  • Get the mirror from the wall.
  • Re-enter the past.

Room 4a: The Past Edit

  • Use the wrench on the wheel (bottom left).
  • Open the curtains, between the two doors.
  • Put the mirror on the wall.
  • Go to the present.

Room 4b: The Present Edit

  • Take the item the robot is holding.
  • Leave, and enter room 3.

Room 3: Reflection Edit

  • Use the key on the chest.
  • Get the sword.
  • Get the clock face from the clock.
  • Put the two metal objects, the sword, and the shield on the right-hand suit of armor.
  • Enter the new room.

Room 3a: Time Edit

  • Put the pendulum in the grandfather clock.
  • Put the clock face on the clock to the right.
  • Put the hanging clock on the holder on the right-hand wall.
  • Turn the circles of the maze until the 1s have a path to the center, and the 0s lead to a dead end.
  • Get the fourth quarter circle.
  • Exit the rooms.

The Hub Edit

  • Click the giant circle in the middle.
  • Put the four quarter circles in it.