1. Click the button until the screen is filled.
  2. Click and drag the arrow from top to bottom.
  3. Click and drag to draw over the number 3.
  4. Click anywhere and hold, then drag to put the "4" pieces together.
  5. Click and drag to rotate the triangles.
  6. Only click the bars, not the button, when the button is filled.
  7. Click and rotate the wheel.
  8. Click and drag down the rightmost "rope". Let go and drag again until the leftmost "rope" pulls up the yellow.
  9. Click and hold the circle until it expands... then let go... then click and hold again. This takes timing and patience.
  10. Click the letters in order to spell "YELLOW".
  11. Click the squares as they flash.
  12. Click to drop the ball to push the yellow down.
  13. Drag the triangles to fill the larger triangle.
  14. Click and hold the top button. How long you hold that for determines how long the bottom circle is filled. While the bottom circle is filled, click the bars to turn them yellow.
  15. Click any starting arrow. Follow the arrows until the screen is filled.
  16. Drag the first and second sliders to the top.
  17. Don't touch anything or move your mouse.
  18. Click and drag the planet until it's high noon.
  19. First slider top, second slider bottom, third slider top.
  20. Tap any black triangle, then click the new triangle that lit up.
  21. Turn the circles until the triangles match.
    • Hint: Get them all pointing any one way.
  22. Clicking a center toggles the linear blocks.
  23.  ?
  24. Click the corner-most diagonal squares to move the "cursor".
  25. Click "YELL", then "OW".